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Let our passion be your inspiration…

Let our passion be your inspiration…

Fantastic Fragrances...

26th April 2021

Well, we are well and truly into Spring now and Summer has been peeking its head out the last few days for sure! 

If you’ve got to grips with your spring cleaning and your home is looking fresh, then you absolutely need some fragrances to match.

We’ve had loads added to our collection the last week or so, so we thought we would share some scent-a-licious stock with you…

alang alang noir reed diffuser

Let’s start with one of the new additions to the Alang Alang Sences collection. The exotic Onyx fragrance will fill your space with the scent of luxury, and doesn’t the black bottle really give off a touch of class? 

Pair it up with some other accessories to display in your home and add a little elegance…

The Alang Alang Sences range, really is something else! The Amber diffuser gives off a rich and luxurious fragrance and is available in 500ml or our statement oversized 2000ml bottle. 

We have teamed it up with this classic sofa table in gold and added a touch of fun with these leopard print coasters! 

Our Fresh Fig range is another hit with our customers! 

Available in 220ml and 1200ml bottles, this rich and fruity fragrance will keep your house smelling gorgeous all year long.

We have got lots going on here in Viano this month… did you know it’s our Clarkston store’s 2nd birthday on the 10th of May? 

We’re planning a special event for that, sign up to become a Viano VIP for your exclusive invitation! 

We’re also planning a couple of VIP days for the 5th and 7th of May – again, to be in the know you’ll need to be a VIP, so go on, sign up right here! 

What’s more, we’ll be updating our blog every 4 weeks from now and going forward there will always be a treat for our VIPs each month!

Look out for our emails every Sunday evening – you’ll be sure to find a special surprise just for you…

So that’s all from us for now, we hope that you all enjoy your dinners out, trips into town and beer garden Sundays this month as we are finally allowed a little bit of normality back into our lives! 

Look out for our next blog, where we’re taking you through the looking-glass and showcasing the most amazing new mirrors we’ve added to the collection!