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Let our passion be your inspiration…

Let our passion be your inspiration…

All that Glitters...

At Viano Interiors, we believe that anything can be enhanced with a touch of gilded detail, so we are going to sprinkle some magic, add a dash of fabulousness, and show you how to really let your space shine.

Not shy of a spot of finessing, it’s great to place subtle little touches around a room to bring a bit of sparkle but at the same time you shouldn’t be nervous to go for a big statement piece!

gold coffee table viano interiors

Nothing says statement piece quite like this luxe square edge coffee table – what a sight! Made from stainless steel with a brushed gold finish, it’s a centerpiece for any lounge or social area. Finish the look with some decorative pieces, we’ve teamed it up with a cute golden monkey jar (a fantastic sweetie jar) on a marble effect tray and an artificial eucalyptus leaf vase just finishes off the look.

If you’re looking for something that will fill a room but without as much shine, what do you think of the dark wood sideboard with brushed gold finishing? This gorgeous piece of furniture is in our end of season sale with over 25% off – take a closer look. below…

If you don’t fancy a table quite as bold as the coffee table and you’re new to the trend, how about this glass topped zig-zag side table? Made from stainless steel with a shiny gold finish, the tempered glass top means it’s sturdy and perfect for heavier items like vases, planters or ornaments. It’s also perfect for resting your glass of bubbly (or cup of coffee) on while relaxing in front of the television.

On the topic of bubbly, what about these gold-plated champagne flutes? The ombre effect is really unique and they’re guaranteed to add something special to your dinner party. Also available as wine glasses – let your table setting sparkle!

A unique way to introduce some gold to your surfaces, is to accent with trays, decorative pieces and photograph frames. Garnish a hosting tray with a few of your favourite bits and pieces. This round Greek tray is complete with a classic key motif and mirrored surface will show off our gold diamanté decanter and glassware! This range is really stunning and there’s a whole range of different styles of glasses, plus some tasteful candle holders too, in which your favourite votive scents will sit perfectly. 

If you prefer to keep your surfaces clear, we suggest adding a little glitz to your walls. There are so many gorgeous options – your only issue will be which combination to choose – and we can help you with that!

From wall lights to mirrors and clocks, there is something for everyone. This showstopper mirror, with painted soft gold finish and looping detail can be hung portrait or landscape, and is a statement piece above any mantle.

These porthole convex mirrors, are available in lots of sizes. Hang individually, or choose a combination of sizes and group to create a quirky wall feature.

Dipping your toe in gold for the first time can be daunting, but with no shortage of options in store and online we can help you at depth, warmth and a timeless opulence to your home.

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